About Us

Meet Courtney & Kari: 

Thank you for visiting our website!  We are long time friends of over 10 years that have a shared passion for a healthy lifestyle, staying fit and trendy fashion.  We started a food blog together a few years ago called Good Thyme Kitchen.  Our food blog is all about creating clean, healthy and obtainable recipes for a busy lifestyle.  Together, we have spent countless hours teaching cooking classes and sharing our recipes in fitness studios, on our local morning TV show, as well as multiple local magazine publications within our community.  

Along the way we discovered that there was a need for something new and different in the fitness fashion world.  We both wear fitness and lounge apparel daily and know that many of you do as well.  Vita Sana Fitwear was born with the vision of bringing unique fitness and lounge apparel together in one store.  We opened our store in Scottsdale in September 2018.  We divide our time at Vita Sana Fitwear between weekly store hours and pop-up events outside of the store.  We take great pride in the brands that we work with as well as the styles we select.  We appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates.



Courtney & Kari